A-thon srl arise from the will to offer high quality services for the design, installation, maintenance and development of software packages for ICT in healthcare.

To continue this goal, it takes advantage of use of open source softwares and compliance with the international standards IHE integration profiles. It allows to provide reliable solutions and highly integrated to the healthcare enviroment with the applications and streams already present in the structure.

A-thon is characterize for its experience in managing multiple problems and needs of the healthcare enviroment, gained from working daily projects involving both the single clinic that  whole regional areas. Thanks to this privilege point of view, it guarantees an accurate analysis of the most suitable solutions for different needs of each client.

A-thon certifies their Open Source solutions installed, becoming responsible and ensuring the correct working and the respect of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) fixed, removing the tipical critical point of Open Source solutions.

This company avails itself of a team of expert in the Healthcare ICT field, which has earned the trust of the realities in which they operate. To increase the quality of packages offered, A-thon offers professional support services to meet every need. Thanks to these services, A-thon can quickly meet the client requirements who sees the projects carried out in a short time, with great clients ‘s satisfactions and tangible economic benefits.

Furthermore, A-thon distinguish itself by highly integrated solutions in the businesses workflow and, at the same time, flexible and scalable. Indeed, among his clients, there are differents kind of healthcare’s realities from small private clinic to large (public or private) Hospitals.

Team & Services

Partners & Clients

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