Team & Services

Thanks to the experience of his Team, and perfect adherence to the IHE integration profiles of the solutions offered, A-thon facilitates interoperability among different information systems present in Healthcare adn simplifies the introduction of its solutions in complex enviroments. The philosophy of adherence to the market standards and the international best-pratice is reflected in our consulting services and in implementations of integrations among system even from different vendors.

A-thon boasts a Team of specialists that have acquired strong skills, in particular on the following topics:

  • Electronic Patient Record
  • Image Storage System
  • Management of ICT Systems in Healthcare
  • Design, construction and management of document-sharing systems and diagnostic imaging
  • Analysis and Solutions of Integration Issues
  • Realize of Specific Projects
  • IHE Integration Profiles
  • HL7 Standard
  • DICOM Standard


Offered Services

The experience of our Team allows the customer to find custom solutions, that adapt to the differents needs.

In particular:

  • Consultancy, Organization, support the implementation of ICT projects in Healthcare

  • Development and engineering of software applications directed at the diagnosis and treatment of healthcare information

  • Installation, put into production and  management of software packages supported

  • Staff training

  • On-site and remote assistance according to the different needs of the customer

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