SW’s probate

Installation Certification

A-thon performs the certification of the installation of software offered to ensure the functionality, consistency and SLA, in line with customer requirements. This activity is provided on all open source packages from our catalog to fully ensure to the User the use of our solutions and identify A-thon as responsible for that installation.

CE Software’s Certification

For all cases in which law provides, A-thon offers CE certification as a medical device for the installed software.

 IHE Integration Statement

Connectathon Online 2021: XDS_Suite_v14_IHE_IS

Connectathon Brussels 2020: (Online) XDS_Suite_v13_IHE_IS

Connectathon Rennes 2019: XDS_Suite_v12

Connectathon Aia 2018:  XDS_Suite_v11

Connectathon Venezia 2017: XDS_Suite_v10

Connectathon Bochum 2016: XDS Suite v9

Connectathon Lussemburgo 2015: XDS Suite v8

Connectathon Vienna 2014: XDS Suite v7

Connectathon Istanbul 2013: XDS Suite v6

Connectathon Berna 2012: XDS Suite v5

Connectathon Pisa 2011: XDS Suite v4

Connectathon Bordeaux 2010: XDS Suite v3

Connectathon Vienna 2009: XDS Suite v2

Connectathon Oxford 2008: XDS Suite v1

A-thon ABI:  v2.14

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