A-thon intends to put itself as a reliable partner to achieve best balance among cost, flexibility and adaptability to users needs and to contribute to increase the efficiency of healthcare facilities, speeding up and simplifying the communications and cooperation among different actors vendors.

The client will find in A-thon solutions that meet its the real needs, relying on a complete installation plan, training and assistance, before and after starting. Among the proposed solutions, A-thon offers Open Source packages or custom made based on client’s needs.


Bioimages Archives


An archive of bioimages for the manegement of several kinds of diagnostic images produced in the modern realities of healthcare. This goes beyond the concept of PACS and acts as central point of management of the whole information flow on the archiving and distribuition of data in dicom format. With its experience, A-thon can be a prefect partner for healthcare companies in the design, installation and management of such system


The IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing Integration Profile (XDS and XDS-I) arises as its goal the creation of an infrastructure that enables the sharing of clinical documents whithin an affinity domain. Applying these concepts is possible realize an highly scalable documentary archive, flexible and accessible by different instruments including those from different vendors. Jointly with an ABI system, A-thon makes a tool for archiving documents and images based on clinical profiles XDS and XDS-I.

XDS Suite




The high competence in IHE integration profiles and standard medical allows A-thon to provide suitable tools to all those healthcare companies that want to manage information flows between different business applications through a middleware integration.


A-thon offers archives of clinical cases, based on a publish & subscribe mechanism, accessible through a browser and, if so desired, interoperable with each other.

Archive of clinical case studies




A-thon offers a suite of centralized monitoring to be used towards all those applications and systems that an ICT services of a healthcare firms wants to check over.


A-thon offers IHE compliant solution for the traceability of events that occur on applications and systems present in healthcare firms.

Audit Record Repository



Neurological and Neurosurgical Teleconsult

Thanks to this system the structures of the peripheral primary care hospitals are connected to the departments of neurosurgery and neuroradiology to centers of excellence.

The goal is to respond to the need for timely advice if the peripheral hospital is not equipped with the specialist department and without the need for unnecessary patients transfers. The specialist, of the Excellence Centre, will evaluate t he clinical case by consulting the information contained in Form completed and signed by the staff of the peripheral site, and making use of any diagnostic images.



RIS guarantees an high level of interoperability with PACS provided by third party companies for a better patient management within Radiology department.

RIS can handle all the patient data  through radiology workflow, from scheduling medical examination to reporting.

RIS uses market standards to:

  • easily integrates with HIS
  • easily integrates with medical equipment (DICOM modality worklist and DICOM mpps)
  • easily integrates with PACS systems

The objective of RIS is to make the work of radiologists and radiographers more effective, obtain tangible benefit improving both cost benefit ratio and quality of services

RIS – Radiology Information System




In a context that offers day by day a greater number of distributed IT services which must integrate each others, IAP (Identity Assertion Provider) represents an effective tool that conveys secure and reliable communications, it guarantees identity, and visibility policies to user using that service, in a fashion transparent to him.

Thanks to use of international standards such as OASIS SAML 2.0, IHE guidelines and  flexibility of its architecture, its inclusion within healthcare environments already well structured, is very easy.

IAP product powered by A-thon has achieved validation by Arsenàl (Veneto regional consortium for health) for the comply with “FSEr”  Veneto Region project guidelines



A-thon offers a complete solution for the reports and medical images download usable by citizen.  This system allow the payment management integrated with systems already presents for notification about payments done and reports downloaded.
Medical Images can be immediately examined with web tools or downloaded for later consultations. In this last case, it  is produced a package containing a dicom viewer within.

Portal of the citizen




Within the Italian healthcare scenario the number of projects based on IHE XDS profile are rapidly increasing.
ADA is a package that found its application on projects of this kind  allowing the management of specifics visibility rules over documents.
Indeed, based on informations gathered over multiple systems, it enables filtering of xds query outcomes by many parameters e.g. patient agreement, query context, visibility over document type etc.
ADA allows dynamic translation among different Affinity Domain dictionaries.


AGATA is a system for delivery of diagnostic images to the citizen. Thanks to its easy integration with PACS and web portals, Agata can take the place of cd-patient usually provided by the Departments of Diagnostic Imaging. The solution creates a zip package that could be decompressed on the selected media and offers the same interoperability achieved by IHE PDI profile. The system can include a html5 image viewer and also a functionality to give to citizen the possibility to grant temporary access rights to specialist physicians.


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